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Vera Hađi-Pulja


University American College Skopje

My name is Vera Hadji-Pulja and I am currently a researcher at University American College in Skopje, Macedonia. My fields of interest in phenomenology include: limit-problems, such as birth, death, dreamless sleep, etc.; the transformation of experience in light of new technologies, such as prostheses, augmented reality and the like; and the intersection of phenomenology and qualitative research in the empirical sciences, more specifically, psychology and the sciences from the the bio-medical sphere.

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Vera Hađi-Pulja(University American College Skopje)

in: Logos i tropos, Skopje : Filozofski Fakultet Universitet Sv. Kiril i Metodij

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Vera Hađi-Pulja(University American College Skopje)

in: Za dušata, Skopje : Filozofsko društvo na Makedonija