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Does Hallie see a white cup on a desk?

A phenomenological account of hallucination indiscriminability

Hicham Jakha(Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II)

pp. 183-203


In this paper, I argue for phenomenology, Husserlian phenomenology to be precise, as providing a solid paradigm on how to determine and assess hallucination. To be more explicit, in the context of my deliberations, I analyze Susanna Schellenberg’s arguments for “phenomenal” evidence and “factive” evidence, as regards her evidential theory of perception. To pinpoint the inadequacies raised in her account of (the hallucinating) Hallie and (the veridically perceiving) Percy sharing any kind of evidence, I propose Edmund Husserl’s epistemic fulfillment as a detailed epistemological analysis of perception, which takes into consideration the latter’s phenomenological complexity.

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Published in:

(2023) Roczniki Filozoficzne 71 (3).

Pages: 183-203

DOI: 10.18290/rf23713.9

Full citation:

Jakha Hicham (2023) „Does Hallie see a white cup on a desk?: A phenomenological account of hallucination indiscriminability“. Roczniki Filozoficzne 71 (3), 183–203.