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Ingarden vs. Meinong on ficta's generation and properties

Hicham Jakha(Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II)

pp. 54–72


In this article, I explore the problems of ficta ‘generation’ and ‘properties’ in light of the philosophies of Alexius Meinong and Roman Ingarden. Comparing Ingarden and the historical Meinong is not a novel idea. By contrast, comparing Ingarden and a phenomenological Meinong has not, to my knowledge, yet been explored. Here, I rely on Alberto Voltolini’s ‘phenomenological conception of außerseiende entities’. I devise Ingarden’s phenomenological ontology to account for the problems of ascription and generation that cripple Meinong’s account. In short, I argue that Ingarden’s account is better suited to accommodate ficta’s generation and properties in a way that does not complicate our approach to fiction.

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Published in:

(2024) Estetika 61 (1).

Pages: 54–72

DOI: 10.33134/eeja.376

Full citation:

Jakha Hicham (2024) „Ingarden vs. Meinong on ficta's generation and properties“. Estetika 61 (1), 54–72.