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Der dogmatische Schlummer nach Fink

Georgy Chernavin(Higher School of Economics)

pp. 29-36


This article deals with the metaphor of dogmatic slumber in Finkian phenomenology. The Husserlian thought experiment with two worlds for one subject functions here as a starting point which helps to thematize the somnambulistic certitude of the taken-for-granted. It leads to conclusion about the pedagogical task of the philosopher: to constantly wake up himself and the others.

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Published in:

Nielsen Cathrin, Schnell Alexander (2022) Eugen Fink und die Phänomenologie. Phänomenologische Forschungen – Neue Folge 2022 (2).

Pages: 29-36

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Chernavin Georgy (2022) „Der dogmatische Schlummer nach Fink“. Phänomenologische Forschungen – Neue Folge 2022 (2), 29–36.