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Dario Vuger


University of Zagreb

Dario Vuger is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He is writing his thesis on the topics of existential phenomenology with regards to the concepts of time and the image in contemporary philosophy. He graduated (MA) in Philosophy (cum laude), Art history and Museology and heritage management at the University of Zagreb where he received the Rector's prize in 2015 for his research titled "Incubation of evil - evil as the problem of thought and praxis". Has authored papers for scientific magazines Phainomena, Synthesis Philosophica, In Medias Res, Filozofska istraživanja and Tvrđa as well as published articles in edited volumes for Routledge (The Iconology of Abstraction, 2020), Palgrave MacMillan (The Palgrave Handbook of Image Studies, 2021), and others. He is an active participant in the research and events of the Centre for Visual Studies in Zagreb and is a member of Croatian Philosophical Society, The Croatian Association of Artists of the Applied Arts, International Association of Art Critics and is on the board of editors of the magazine New Theories of the University of Josip J. Strossmayer in Osijek. His main scientific interests include history and philosophy of science and technology, heideggerian phenomenology, contemporary aesthetics, history of the Situationist International movement and the legacy of its founding member, Guy Debord.

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