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Paolo Furia


University of Turin

Paolo Furia currently works as a postdoc researcher at the Department of Humanities of the University of Turin (Italy). He has been working as postdoc at the University of Turin since November 2017 and co-organizes the Aesthetics Research Turin cycle of Seminars. He is a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetics, the Interuniversity Center of Morphology, the Centro Studi Luigi Pareyson and the Society for Ricoeur Studies. Paolo Furia participated in international conferences and seminars in Berlin, Paris, Palermo, Rome, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Leuven, Ljubljana and was a member of project teams in Paris (Ehess and Paris Nanterre). Among his publications there are two italian monographs (Rifiuto, altrove, utopia. Una fenomenologia estetica del riconoscimento a partire da Paul Ricoeur, Mimesis 2019, and Estetica e geografia, Mimesis 2020) and various essays published in peer-reviewed articles in English, French and Italian, such as Intersezioni (2018), ERRS (2018, 2021), Aesthetica Preprint (2020), Discipline Filosofiche (2020), Fata Morgana (2021), Studi di Estetica (2021), Axiomathes (Springer 2021), Continental Philosophy Review (2021).

Plaidoyer pour l'utopie ecclésiale


Paolo Furia(University of Turin)

Études Ricoeuriennes/Ricoeur Studies 9/1

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