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Lucia Angelino


Archives Husserl, École normale supérieure

Researcher at the Archives Husserl (UMR 8547 – Pays Germaniques; Centre national de la recherche scientifique and École normale supérieure de Paris). She is a specialist in phenomenology working at the intersection of social philosophy and social psychology. Her most recent publications focus on collective intentionality, the relationship between the I and the We, and more specifically on the role of the Third in the Genesis of a We-perspective. As a scholar of contemporary philosophy, she is also interested in German and French philosophical anthropology and the way they contribute to a rethinking of the social phenomena, such as community building and community disruptions in a global age.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Paul Klee


Lucia Angelino(Archives Husserl, École normale supérieure)

in: The cosmos and the creative imagination, Dordrecht : Springer

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