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Michela Beatrice Ferri (ed.), The reception of husserlian phenomenology in North America

Carlos Belvedere

pp. 315-318


In my review I argue that this book is more than just a history of the way in which Husserl’s work was studied and taught in the United States and Canada from the early XXth Century on since it shows that what started as a “reception” soon became a local interpretation and appropriation of the phenomenological perspective which ended up blossoming as an autochthonous movement with its own concerns, issues, and schools. The book clearly shows the different phases in the development of the phenomenological movement in North America, the numerous institutions participating in it, and the variety of local perspectives.

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Published in:

(2020) Human Studies 43 (2).

Pages: 315-318

DOI: 10.1007/s10746-020-09547-2

Full citation:

Belvedere Carlos (2020) Review of The reception of Husserlian phenomenology in North America. Human Studies 43 (2), 315–318.