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Modern violence

heavenly or worldly—or else?

Erik Meganck

pp. 291-309


Violence is often considered through its causes or effects, but seldom by its source. As to that, opinion is also divided. Some say that human culture is the source of violence and that love and peace can only come from ‘outside’; others claim that precisely this ‘outside’ is the source of violence and that love can only blossom in a society that cancels all arbitrary reference to any ‘outside’. These positions are articulated by, respectively, René Girard and Gianni Vattimo. This article confronts both positions and tries to learn from them, even though no scientific proof can decide between them.

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Published in:

(2020) Human Studies 43 (2).

Pages: 291-309

DOI: 10.1007/s10746-019-09530-6

Full citation:

Meganck Erik (2020) „Modern violence: heavenly or worldly—or else?“. Human Studies 43 (2), 291–309.