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Husserl's phenomenology of animality and the paradoxes of normality

Cristian Ciocan(University of Bucharest)

pp. 175-190


In this article, I will discuss the Husserlian phenomenology of animality, by focusing on several texts of the 1920s in which the animal is determined as an abnormal variation of the human being. My aim is to address the question of the abnormality of the animal by reintegrating it in its original context, which is Husserl's theory of normality. I will sketch the general framework of this theory, its articulations and strata, in order to eventually raise some paradoxical issues, specifically in relation to how the question of animality is interpreted through the couple normality/abnormality.

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Published in:

(2017) Human Studies 40 (2).

Pages: 175-190

DOI: 10.1007/s10746-017-9419-7

Full citation:

Ciocan Cristian (2017) „Husserl's phenomenology of animality and the paradoxes of normality“. Human Studies 40 (2), 175–190.